A family visiting Fernhill Wetlands in Oregon's Tualatin Valley. Photo by Jim Shea.
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Sample Itineraries for Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Spend Less Time Planning and More Time Exploring

With so much to see and do in Tualatin Valley, it can be overwhelming to fit everything in. Don’t spend time worrying about planning the perfect trip; we have sample itineraries that will provide ideas for fun outings for solo travelers, couples and even group travelers.

Sample itineraries cover a lot of activities and territory, including wildlife viewing, wine tasting, self-guided beer tour, outdoor recreation and more.

Those in the know have done the homework—so you don’t have to—to help guide you to the best of the best in the valley.

Featured Itineraries

One-Day Itinerary

As we slowly ease our way into fall, here are a couple of mini road trips close to home that showcase the beauty of Tualatin Valley.

Three-Day Itinerary

When it comes to sustainability, Oregon wineries are tops, with the incorporation of eco-friendly farming practices, such as dry farming and the use of natural pest control.

Multi-Day Itinerary

Tualatin Valley is an ideal location for a road trip, and this destination makes an excellent home base for adventures throughout the region.

Two-Day Itinerary

From restless young ones to the young at heart, plan a getaway that is sure to please everyone in the family.

Two-Day Itinerary

The Zip, Sip & Explore itinerary features samples of what the Tualatin Valley has to offer: Outdoor adventure, wine, beer and food.

One-Day Itinerary

Celebrate a wedding, baby shower, a big birthday, or just a trip with your bestie, Tualatin Valley has all of the elements for an ideal gal-pal getaway.

One-Day Itinerary

There’s an art to making fine-crafted beverages that reaches far beyond the community of winemakers and beer brewers.

One-Day Itinerary

Do you enjoy the arts, culture and humanities? Then, you just may be a “cultural traveler,” defined as one who has a thirst for authentic cultural experiences, including the arts, cuisine and history.

Two-Day Itinerary

We’ve coupled the gorgeous Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway ride with some of the region’s best birdwatching spots to create the perfect itinerary for you.

Two-Day Itinerary

Reconnect with nature and the simpler joys of life and escape to the farms and vineyards of Tualatin Valley.

Two-Day Itinerary

Whether you’d like to try bird watching or you’re already a bona fide expert, the Tualatin Valley is the place to be for a one- or two-day trip to see our fine-feathered friends.

Two-Day Itinerary

With this handy guide, plan a weekend with your four-legged friend in the Tualatin Valley.

One-Day Itinerary

This three-day itinerary is perfect for travelers who love cycling and beer. Ride along the trails and reward yourself with the tasty craft beers at Tualatin Valley's esteemed breweries.

Two-Day Itinerary

Tax-free shopping and beer go hand-in-hand in Tualatin Valley. Two dozen breweries, plus two of Oregon's premier shopping centers keep beer and shopping lovers coming to the valley.

Two-Day Itinerary

Tualatin Valley boasts some of the best shopping in the state. Pair our premier shopping centers with birdwatching experiences, and you have a getaway that is uniquely Tualatin Valley!

Two-Day Itinerary

More than 30 wineries, plus two of Oregon's premier shopping centers keep wine and shopping lovers coming to the valley. Carve out a couple days and plan to shop and sip without breaking the bank.

Complimentary Visitor Information

Create your own Tualatin Valley itinerary, and request a complimentary printed Visitor Guide, Wine Guide, Quilt Barn Trail Map, Bike Map and Water Trail Map today.

Tualatin Valley in Oregon
Recent Trip Ideas

September 21 , 2020

The pandemic hit small businesses hard with months of closures before gradual reopening was allowed in Oregon. Despite that, there are plenty of new restaurants and things to do in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley.

September 14 , 2020

Signature Pinot Gris (pronounced “pee-know gree”) grapes thrive in the Tualatin Valley and produce delectable, award-winning wines. The next time you are in the mood for seafood, pair your meal with a bottle of Tualatin Valley’s Pinot Gris.

September 8 , 2020

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley has a strong and rich Hispanic and Latinx community. The area is home to the largest population of Latinx people in Oregon. Several organizations hold the community together as cultural centers for Latinx families.