Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Two Hours in Beaverton



Two Hours in Beaverton

Have a couple of hours to kill in Beaverton? Here are some ideas that will give you a taste of what Beaverton has to offer.

Visit Cooper Mountain Vineyards, the Pacific Northwest’s first biodynamic and organic winery. Sample a flight of Cooper Mountain’s sustainably produced wines, including Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Situated in a developed residential neighborhood, this 30-year-old winery has great views of the Tualatin Valley. Cooper Mountain is open daily, from Noon to 5 p.m. Tastings available for a nominal fee.

After visiting the winery, venture to Cooper Mountain Nature Park for a brisk and invigorating walk. Open daily from dusk until dawn, this nature park sits atop a mountain and has spectacular views of the Tualatin Valley.  The park features more than three miles of trails, which pass through forests, prairies and oak woodlands that provide homes and habitats for native flora and fauna. Another feature of the park is the demonstration garden, featuring colorful wildlife-friendly plants.

Pictured: Cooper Mountain Nature Park by Topher Nugent

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4-Hour Itinerary

An Afternoon in Beaverton

After morning meetings or events are over, and you have an afternoon free to explore, check out what Beaverton has in store for a few hours of discovery.

4-Hour Itinerary

An Afternoon in Beaverton with Kids

In Beaverton, there are so many options for families with kids, or for adults who want to relive the fun of their childhoods. Spend an afternoon in Beaverton, where being a kid has its perks.

Weekend Itinerary

The Weekender: Aloha & Beaverton

The unincorporated city of Aloha (pronounced a-low-uh), and its next-door neighbor Beaverton, make for great bedfellows for a Tualatin Valley weekend.


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