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Pre- and Post-Meeting Ideas and Itineraries

Entice your attendees to come early or stay late with these awesome and engaging pre- and post-meeting and team-building ideas. Whether you’re planning a meeting or event in the Tualatin Valley, or you’re planning for pre- and post-meeting excursions in the greater Portland area, look no further: we have sample itineraries that will provide ideas for fun outings for your attendees.

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Pre- and Post-Meeting Ideas and Itineraries

Full-Day Excursion

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

From wetlands dotted with birds to biking trails to paddling routes through forested areas, the Tualatin Valley has outdoor opportunities for all skills and abilities.

Full-Day Excursion

Wine: Tualatin Valley Style

From boutique wine innovators to Oregon wine-industry pioneers, the Tualatin Valley–tucked into the northwestern corner of the famed Willamette Valley wine region–offers a range of styles and settings for all wine enthusiasts.

Half-Day/Full-Day Excursion

U-Pick Tour of the Tualatin Valley

Your group will enjoy tromping into the fields to pick berries or enjoying goodies made from freshly picked produce.

Meeting, Event & Team-Building Ideas

Kid's Play

Who says adults can’t play like children? Add some fun and merriment into a day-long team-building event and enjoy a quick afternoon jaunt or a full day of child’s play.

Full-Day Excursion

Exciting Adventures in the Forest

This Tualatin Valley adventure will keep even the most high-energy member of the group entertained, enlightened and enthralled.

Half-Day Excursion

Sustainable Wine Trail

Spend a day sipping wine and saké from a handful of winemakers known for their outstanding practices in producing sustainable beverages.

Full-Day Excursion

Sake, Beer & Spirits Trail

The Tualatin Valley is becoming known for its exploration into other beverages, such as craft beer, saké and whiskey. Not for the faint of heart, this tour is for the true beverage connoisseur.

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