sunset through trees on the edge of the forest
sunset through trees on the edge of the forest
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Oregon’s Trees to Sea Scenic Byway

One of Oregon’s newest scenic byways, Trees to Sea, connects Tualatin Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Drive from the trails of Tualatin Valley, through the grand Tillamook State Forest, and to the rugged coastline of the Oregon Coast.

This 68-mile (109-Kilometer) scenic byway introduces travelers to Oregon’s year-round beauty. Find rushing rivers, peaceful forests and a few treasures in between.

From the Valley to the Coast

The route starts in the charming community of Banks. This agricultural region is home to farms, vineyards and u-pick orchards, and is home to the start of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail.

As the byway moves westward along Highway 6, enter that Tillamook State Forest near the Gales Creek Overlook (around mile marker 34). The forest is the location of the infamous Tillamook Burn forest fire of 1933 (and subsequent fires in 1939, 1949 and 1952), which spurred an incredible restoration effort.

As the byway descends from the high elevation of the Coast Range, it continues to Tillamook, where travelers can take in the many attractions of this region.

From Tillamook, the byway crosses Highway 101, and continues to Oregon Highway 131 to Netarts and part of the Cape Lookout State Park. The byway ends at Cape Meares State Park, a rocky promontory 200 feet above the ocean.

Points of Interest

Tualatin Valley Attractions Along the Byway

A handful of Tualatin Valley’s hidden gems are situated along the Byway. The Banks-Vernonia State Trail, a car-free path that includes highlights such as the high wooden trestle at the trailhead at Buxton. Buy a bottle of Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio or Soleggio (an Italian-style red blend) at Apolloni Vineyards, a boutique winery that produces exquisite red and white wines. As you head through the Tillamook State Forest, stop at the Tillamook Forest Center and learn more about the Tillamook Burn and the reforestation efforts.

Tualatin Valley Restaurants Along the Byway

Start your journey with a bite to eat in Tualatin Valley, and sink your teeth into some tasting BBQ at Hop Cycle Brewing in Banks. On your way back from the coast, stop in at Out AZA Blue Market & Cafe for a remarkable dinner, featuring fresh, seasonal and local produce, skillfully prepared by Chef Gabriel.

Attractions Along the Route in Tillamook and Beyond

Tillamook’s dairy industry takes center stage along the route. Take a self-guided tour, grab an ice cream cone, and sample cheese at the popular Tillamook Creamery (formerly known as the Tillamook Cheese Factory). The cheese doesn’t stop there. Next, visit the Blue Heron French Cheese Company, which features wine and cheese pairings.

Three miles south of Tillamook, take in the spectacular sights of historic aircraft at the Tillamook Air Museum. The museum is housed in a former hangar used for World War II surveillance blimps and is one of the few remaining structures of its kind.

Once you reach the end of the Trees to Sea Byway, take in the majestic sights at Cape Meares State Park and hike the trails to reach the Cape Meares Lighthouse (mid-April to mid-October), the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.

Trees to Sea Scenic Byway