A field of clover and a barn in the background
A field of clover and a barn in the background
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Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route

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In Tualatin Valley, nature, agriculture, history and wine are undeniably intertwined. Just minutes from nearby Portland, the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route showcases this special commingling of attractions along its 60-mile drive through the serene Oregon countryside.

Best to be enjoyed during a full day of discoveries, the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route offers a day of lush rural adventures. Visitors are enticed to stop at the many wineries, nurseries, farms and—when in season—produce stands that freckle the route.

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While traversing these spectacular sights, visitors can also expect hospitality at historic country taverns and old-time general stores with easy access to shopping, dining and lodging running between the city of Sherwood at the southern part of the valley and the Swiss-settled Helvetia to the north.

Sitting driver or passenger side, visitors will have a front-row seat to Tualatin Valley’s agricultural bounty as crop signs along the route identify what is being produced at several farms in the area. Try to spot your favorite veggie or fruit, ranging from berries to rhubarb to even livestock, such as bison. The route’s view of natural open spaces also gives way to scenic viewpoints such as the Cascade Mountains and the ever-majestic Mt. Hood.

Part of the thriving agricultural scene is due to the vineyards that produce award-winning wines in dozens of varietals. Helvetia Vineyards & Winery offers welcoming wine tasting experiences where wine lovers can not only find new favorite bottles but also learn about the rich soil and history of the land that grows their most-loved varietals.

Heritage and history run deep throughout the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route, which can be learned about via the route’s interpretive panels. To learn about the Atfalati tribe and some of the earliest settlers to the area, read the panel at the beautiful Old Scotch Church. With farms surrounding the classic white chapel, this romantic spot stands out as a piece of history living among a thriving agricultural scene.

Enjoy the bucolic beauty of the Tualatin Valley with a joyride that celebrates rural bliss!