two ladies walking on a trail in the woods
two ladies walking on a trail in the woods
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“Take Care Out There” Throughout April and All Year Long

In Oregon, we value the environment and protecting natural areas all the time, and Earth Day is a good opportunity to remind visitors and locals alike of how we can take care of our space.

Some of the simplest ways we can honor the Earth are outlined by the principles of prepare, care and connect. These simple reminders to take care out theremake it easy to enjoy Oregon’s natural areas.

Prepare: Make a plan and know what you’re getting into before heading out.

Care: This goes hand-in-hand with the classic outdoor lovers phrase, “leave no trace.” When you visit the great outdoors, you should leave things as you found them. We want our outdoors to stay beautiful for everyone to enjoy and we all play a part in that.

Connect: Be friendly with those you encounter along your way and get to know the area you’re exploring. Read interpretive signage, learn about and pay tribute to the Indigenous heritage and show appreciation for the surrounding area.

Earth Day brings all these principles to the forefront, but because it’s all about environmental protection, care is key. Please leave nature the way you found it by packing trash out–you can also make a goal to collect trash you may see. After Oregon’s devastating fires in 2020, wildfire prevention is also a huge priority. Before you head out into nature, please check fire dangers and if there are any active burn bans in place. Learn more about preventing human-caused wildfires >>>

Ways to celebrate Earth Day in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Take a hike: Explore one of the many nature parks, trails and bike routes in Tualatin Valley. Whether you’re up for a challenge or just want to enjoy nature, there’s something for you. Explore our hiking spots >>>

Hit the water: The Tualatin River is the perfect spot for casual water recreation. The calm waters are easy on beginner boaters and the scenic landscapes are beautiful. Get out on the water at these recreational areas >>>

Spot wildlife: Birding is big in Tualatin Valley and parks like the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and Fernhill Wetlands make it easy to spot feathered and furry friends alike. See more spots for wildlife >>>