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Biodynamic & Organic Wine Making

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Montinore Estate

Biodynamic & Organic Wine Making in Tualatin Valley

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Tualatin Valley winemakers have been in the forefront of sustainable wine making for a while now. Explore two of Oregon’s pioneering wineries when it comes to biodynamic farming: Cooper Mountain — established in 1978 and adhering to biodynamic and organic farming since the mid-1990s–and Montinore Estate, the second-largest estate producer of wines made from biodynamic grapes in the U.S.

What is biodynamic farming? 
Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to farming, which not only does no harm to the environment, but also helps diversify the ecological health of an area. More than just organic farming, biodynamics also works in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, moon and air, by utilizing practices that have been in use for centuries. Read more about biodynamic farming (PDF) >>>

Meet Tualatin Valley’s Pioneers in Oregon’s Biodynamic Wine Production
In 1999, Cooper Mountain Vineyards was the first vineyard/winery to be Demeter-certified biodynamic in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the practices of biodynamic farming, from vineyard to bottle and taste the wines (including varietals not commonly grown in the northern Willamette Valley).

Montinore Estate uses the property’s meadow, lake, cover crops and “unusual” farming techniques are a part of its biodynamic farming process. Taste the variety of wines produced, including its L’Orange, made from white wine grapes that are fermented in the style of red wine, and blended with clay amphora-fermented Gewürztraminer to add complexity.


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Tualatin Valley is located in the northern tip of the Willamette Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA), and is a 30-minute drive from downtown Portland. Known as the gateway to Oregon’s wine country, this region offers a variety of wines and wineries ranging from larger, well-known brands to boutique labels.


Oregon has been the leader in sustainable growing practices for decades. These practices include techniques, such as incorporating cover crops, using natural fertilizers and pesticides to ensure native habitats, watershed quality and wildlife are protected, and to hold to a high standard of worker health and safety practices.

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