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Travel Story Ideas & Itineraries

The Tualatin Valley is a diverse destination, with a variety of different attractions that appeal to a wide demographic of travelers. Whether you are looking for feature story ideas or a story round-up, explore some of the story ideas and themes below:

Japanese Influence on the Tualatin Valley: Washington County, which is the Tualatin Valley, is the most ethnically diverse county in the state of Oregon. The cultural richness of this area is best explored by the Tualatin Valley’s culinary offerings. Japanese influence can be found from the fun and tasty Japanese creations at Oyatsupan Bakers and the Japanese traditions at SakeOne, the first American owned-and-operated sake brewery, to the emergence of chain ramen shops from Japan, such as Kukai Ramen (also known as Kizuki Ramen), opening in the area, and the grocery store, Uwajimaya, which sells anime, foods and other wares from Japan.

Oregon Wine Pioneers: As the Willamette Valley gains continued attention for its critically acclaimed Pinot Noir, the Tualatin Valley has an important role in the history of Oregon’s wine story. From Dick and Nancy Ponzi (Ponzi Vineyards), who are among the oft-cited pioneers of Oregon Pinot Noir, to Oak Knoll Winery, which started as a berry wine producer in 1970, and Elk Cove Vineyards, which was founded in 1974.

Escape from the City: Tualatin Valley is located just minutes from downtown Portland and boasts the closest wine country to the city of Portland. Within 20-40 minutes, visitors can explore and enjoy the offerings of rural u-pick farms, estate wineries, nature parks and preserves, or take a scenic drive along the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route.

Biodynamic & Organic Wine Making in the Tualatin Valley: Tualatin Valley winemakers have been in the forefront of sustainable wine making for a while now. Explore two of Oregon’s pioneering wineries when it comes to biodynamic farming: Cooper Mountain — established in 1978 and adhering to biodynamic and organic farming since the mid-1990s–and Montinore Estate, the second-largest estate producer of wines made from biodynamic grapes in the U.S. Read more >>>

Spring Story Ideas: During spring months, the Tualatin Valley comes alive. Wildflowers and clover fields are in bloom, and the spring migratory bird season is underway, inviting visitors to explore the valley with walks and hikes in the nature parks, forests and protected wetlands, as well as with rides through the colorful countryside. Read more >>>

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Working on an itinerary? There are several one-, two- and multi-day trips to the Tualatin—with varying themes such as that would work as a stand-alone itinerary, or as part of an Oregon, Pacific Northwest or Western U.S. itinerary. Explore our itineraries below.

Press Trips & Itineraries

Sample Itineraries

Two-Day Itinerary

Tualatin Valley Golf & Wine Tour

Golf in Tualatin Valley can be an unparalleled experience, especially when coupled with exquisite wine. Explore our greens and our grapes with this two-day tour in Tualatin Valley.

One-Day Itinerary

Family Travel Adventure

Tualatin Valley is not only fun for the adults, but kids can get in on the action here, too. Visit a u-pick farm, fly through the trees, and enjoy meals prepared with farm-fresh ingredients. A visit here is not only fun, but can also be educational.

Four-Day Itinerary

Wine Tour of Tualatin Valley

Whether your preferred varietal is Pinot Noir, a aromatic Rose or a rare, sought-after Arneis, Tualatin Valley has you covered. And if your tastes include a good Porter or hoppy IPA, then you have the makings of a Tualatin Valley wine and beer tasting adventure!

Half-Day Itinerary

Anything But IPA Beer Tour

This tour challenges the notion that West Coast Breweries only make big IPAs by heading to the beautiful Tualatin Valley.

Multi-Day Itinerary

The Best of Tualatin Valley

Sample some of the best attractions Tualatin Valley has to offer, from indoor skydiving to zip lining, beer to wine, and everything in between.