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Take the Path Less Traveled

Whether you are planning to explore the tasting rooms of the northern Willamette Valley, or want to take the road less traveled and see the Tualatin Valley by car, bike, foot or kayak, we have the tour routes and trails to help you accomplish your mission.

Find a trail to match your interests, or create your own Tualatin Valley adventure using these trails as a guideline.

Tualatin Valley Tour Routes and Trails

Cycling Route

Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway

Where does your bike take you? Many find the perfect ride along the 50-mile Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway through scenic rural towns and farmlands.

Driving Route

Vineyard & Valley Scenic Tour Route

Just minutes from Portland, the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route showcases this special comingling of attractions along its 60-mile drive through the serene Oregon countryside.

Walking Tour

Tualatin Art Walk

Discover public art pieces, such as bronze sculptures, murals, mosaic drinking fountains and garden art along a series of interconnected trails.

Cycling/Hiking Route

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Built along an abandoned railway, the Banks-Vernonia State Trail provides 21 miles of beautiful scenery.

Driving Route

Quilt Barn Trail

The Quilt Barn Trail showcases the art of agriculture in rural Tualatin Valley.

Cycling/Hiking Route

Fanno Creek Trail

Stretching between three cities—Beaverton, Tigard and Tualatin over 18.6 miles—the Fanno Creek Trail provides ample opportunities to explore the Tualatin Valley’s prime cycling and nature walks in a relaxed environment.

Nature Passport

Birdwatching and Nature Trails

Vibrant bird and wildlife habitats provide naturalists opportunities to spot flora and fauna. Bring your binoculars, scopes and cameras and head out on a wildlife adventure in the Tualatin Valley.

Cycling/Hiking Route

Tualatin River Greenway Trail

Oregon’s rich history goes further back than just pioneer times. With the newly opened Tualatin River Greenway Trail, visitors can go back—way back!—to the Ice Age.

Additional Trails

Self-Guided Art Walks

The Tualatin Valley is an artist’s enclave. Many talented artists live and create here, and their works of art can be viewed throughout the area along these self-guided art walks.

Wine Trails & Loops

To help you plan your Tualatin Valley wine tasting getaway, we’ve put together some wine loops, that connect our wineries by a common theme, which will enhance your wine tasting experience.