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WCVA Presents…

"A Tualatin Valley Adventure"



A Film by Jim Shea

A Tualatin Valley Adventure” is a travel destination film, directed by award-winning director Jim Shea, that captures the heart and soul of Oregon’s Tualatin Valley. This inspiring travelogue showcases the beauty of the northern Willamette and Tualatin Valley and will entertain and enlighten audiences to the fact that the Tualatin Valley is Portland’s next door neighbor and the gateway to Oregon’s wine country.

Cameras (and drones) traversed the Tualatin Valley’s vast treasures and recorded the splendor of its hidden gems and spectacular wonders. Award-winning wineries, world-class golf courses, scenic bikeways, pristine nature parks and preserves and interesting museums serve as the backdrop in which the story of this destination will unfold.

The film explores the vastness of the Tualatin Valley and the innumerable options it offers for getting in touch with nature. The most scenic high points of its 727 square miles are included, with images devoted to pristine rural wetlands, nature parks, wildlife refuges, verdant forests, tranquil waters and open fields, all perfect spots for hiking, cycling, paddle trips, fishing, wildlife watching, nature and wildflower walks and other outdoor pursuits.

The overall concept is a slight departure from traditional destination videos, and includes a touch of humor to tell the Tualatin Valley story. The Tualatin Valley is a unique destination, located just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. The featured images of landscapes, main streets, wineries and outdoor adventures are framed by a simple story line narrative from the perspective of a family visiting the Tualatin Valley for the first time.

The lead character and film’s narrator, Leonard Lajesky, is a good-hearted, affable dad, who can barely find his way out of a room. The film follows Leonard and his family–a fictional family from Sheboygan, Wisconsin—during their exploits and adventures around Tualatin Valley, including the comedic mishaps, situations and scenarios they encounter.

The film follows along with the Lajesky family as our well-intended father attempts to deliver the most fun-filled, old-fashioned vacation ever for his wife and children, and for some much-needed family bonding. The harder he tries to make the vacation a success, the more things go wrong, and he becomes obsessed with ensuring that everything goes right, which usually results in the family getting fed up with his antics and breaking off in their own direction.

The featured actors and extras were cast from the Portland-area talent pool, and most were Tualatin Valley residents:
Leonard Lajesky (played by Brad Stein) is a lovable, easygoing everyman, father figure and great family man. He considers himself an explorer and adventurer.
Linda Lajesky (played by Ami Ericson) is an athletic, intelligent, loving mom and patient wife.
Lucy Lajesky (played by Emily Upton) is the 17-year-old daughter, an athletic gymnast with high energy. She is intelligent, a social networker, and loves her friends…and her phone.
Dylan Lajesky (played by Iain Campbell Demarest) is the 15-year-old son. He is an intelligent computer nerd, who also is a skateboarder and magician. As a devoted music lover, he is never far from his headphones.

The majority of the film crew for the production was from the around the Portland area. Oregonians were employed, and our production dollars were recirculated within the state.

Written by Jim Shea
Directed by Jim Shea
Produced by Carolyn McCormick, Washington County Visitors Association