The Tualatin Valley Explorer


The Tualatin Valley Explorer

Your Guide to What’s Happening in the Tualatin Valley

March/April 2018

iFly in the Tualatin Valley

Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

Tualatin Valley is an ideal getaway for a spring break. We have a multitude of activities that are sure to please even the most cynical traveler in your family. With activities like these, turn those frowns upside down and add a splash of laughter to boot. Read more >>>

One Bite at a Time

While the city of Portland pops up on a lot of lists of foodie cities, Tualatin Valley steadily holds its own. Beaverton’s authentic eateries have been recognized for their own contributions to the Portland region’s international culinary scene. Read more >>>

Sip on This

Swig, slurp and savor your way through the sip-worthy drinks of the area. In Tualatin Valley, we raise our glass to the liquid that’s in it. We invite you to do the same for two thirst-quenching days. No straw required.  Learn more >>>

Spring in Tualatin Valley is for the Birds

Spring bird migration season brings a lovely song to Tualatin Valley, when songbirds bring their unique tunes and calls during their seasonal visit to the area. Birdwatchers, check off your bird “life list” at our wetlands, preserves and nature parks! Learn more >>>




Winter/Spring 2018

What’s New in Tualatin Valley

Tualatin Valley has a lot to celebrate in 2018, with new breweries, restaurants and hotels coming to the destination, giving travelers even more choices and reasons to choose Tualatin Valley for a getaway.