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Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Cuisine


Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Food Near Portland

Traveling often means going out to eat more than you usually would. If your journey is for fun, that’s part of it! If you’re traveling for work, you may be seeking healthier options or something that suits certain dietary restrictions. Whether you’re seeking a plant-based meal, gluten-free options or just a healthy alternative to fast food for when you’re on-the-go, we have something for you.

Carina’s Bakery

Grab your coffee with dairy-free milk and a pastry from Carina’s Bakery. Everything on the menu is vegan and soy free. Owner Carina Comer aims to take a step toward compassion, connection and innovation with her vegan recipes.

Indulge in cookies, tarts and cakes or keep it simple with a variety of breads. If you’re going for more of a meal, try the smörgås – a Swedish sandwich, soup, salad or other savory items. Carina’s also offers many gluten-free options.

The Whole Bowl

The Whole Bowl recently opened a window in downtown Beaverton that’s perfect for a quick grab-and-go lunch. The simple bowls contain brown rice, black and red beans, avocado, cilantro, black olives, cheese, sour cream and Tali sauce. They are always vegetarian, gluten, nut, wheat and hydrogenated oil free and they’re easy to “veganize!” You can also grab a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie as a treat.

Native Foods 

Long before Burger King sold the Impossible Burger, you could get a “poppin’ jalapeno burger” at Native Foods. That, or nachos with vegan cheese, “chicken” wings or event a meatball sub – all made with pants. The menu features fresh ingredients, homemade tempeh and seitan and even non-dairy cheese. Everything is carefully labeled for allergens like nuts, soy and gluten.

Native Foods is a fast-casual chain conveniently located at Bridgeport Village if you’re enjoying some tax-free shopping while you’re here.

Rush Bowls 

Get fueled up with all-natural ingredients in a fun form – smoothies and smoothie bowls. A smoothie is the perfect on-the-go meal that doesn’t come from a drive-through line. They’ve got everything from classic berry flavors to peanut butter and jelly, tropical vibes and of course, green smoothies.

While many chain and local restaurants can accommodate dietary restrictions, it’s nice to know there are places where you don’t have to interrogate your server about the ingredients.

Tualatin Valley is an expansive destination with an abundance of local restaurants. From burgers and pizza to the exotic tastes of Korean and Caribbean fare, we’ve got the goods on some of the local dining hot spots.

Tualatin Valley’s restaurants garner rave reviews with innovative menus and a range of global cuisine. Impressive wine, beer, cocktail, and saké lists—many with locally produced beverages—are the hallmarks of the region’s growing culinary offerings.

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